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CLAW started life back in 2015 when we discovered that Britain exports approximately 80% of its crab.

So we opened a small market stall in Kings Cross, with the simple aim of serving up sustainable British seafood to everyone. Over the years, our mission has always remained the same – to deliver the best damn crab and lobster rolls you’ll ever taste!

Today, our home is Seven Dials Market, in Covent Garden. You can also find our container popping up at festivals and catering private events throughout the UK.

We source as much of our food from the UK as possible and always try to ensure it’s sustainable. Our humble crab is sourced directly from Cromer in Norfolk from small day boats. Unlike most other restaurants, our lobster is always 100% native. We work with Colchester fisheries to ensure it’s the best quality. Our bread comes from Miller’s Bakery, a London-based family of bakers dating back to the Doomsday Book. Covent Garden market is our home of all things veg, picked for freshness and always sourced as close to London as possible.

Join our seafood adventure, at Seven Dials, a festival near you, or your very own event.